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  uch as we see it today it has remained unalteredsince the 16th century, save for the wear of time. It was therefore listed as "Historical Monument" in 1928.

  Its sole access is by the bridge over the moat and through a fortified gatehouse (the largest of its kind in France).

  In the courtyard, the façade of the Hall (1576) is a perfect example of Renaissance architecture. Its characteristic features are beautifully carved in the golden stone of Périgord.

  On the riverside the grandiose terrace built on the cliff offers a view of great beauty down the Vézère valley.

  The grand staircase with stone ornaments leads to rooms with sculpted mantelpieces.

  The outstanding period (15th and 16th centuries) furnishings are unanimously admired by our visitors.

  Complete with paintings and tapestries the atmosphere of a home at the time of the last Valois and the first Bourbon is perfectly evoked
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Château de Losse
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